"Our organisation is going through major rapid change and in this environment managers need to manage well, but also become leaders who are able to share a vision and then lead with clarity and courage. Sam Sellwood has been training our leadership team over the last 12 months on resilience, caring for yourself, and is now facilitating the 'Mind Leaders' program over the next six months. Sam is a great communicator, connects quickly and easily with individuals as well as the team. Her presenting style is professional and is laced with humour and managers leave each session with great practical tips to take back to their workplace. I highly recommend Sam Sellwood for your business training needs."

Annie Gibney, Director, Residential Aged Care, Wesley Mission Queensland

"PSA Consulting (Australia) engaged Sam Sellwood from Head Strong Training to provide Mental Health Awareness training to our Leadership Team. The training session was exceptional. The content was focussed on typical mental health issues facing the workforces. Sam's presentation and delivery was very professional and made learning easy for all attendees. Each of our Directors and Associates commented after the training on the value of the training and how they now felt better equipped to meet the challenges and support needs of our workforce."

Malcolm Griffin, Managing Director, PSA Consulting (Australia)

"In a group full of teachers I can confidently say that Sam's presentation was fantastic! She was extremely knowledgeable and her presentation style kept people thoroughly engaged throughout the two days. I would highly recommend Sam as an Instructor."

MHFA, October, 2018

"Sam would have to be the most engaging presenter I have ever had. She made the two days so enjoyable and she had so much knowledge, she is definitely a benefit to your company, and I would gladly participate in another training day with her without question."

MHFA, October, 2018

"Very engaging - no role playing! I enjoyed the session. It was informative and allowed for Q & A's throughout the day."

Mental Health Essentials, August, 2018

"I was extremely impressed with the overall course content and will find it beneficial in my operational duties. Sam, our instructor was excellent, she was very professional whilst engaging with the group which kept our attention."

MHFA, August, 2018

"Course was well prepared, well delivered and maintained my attention throughout."

MHFA for the Suicidal Person, June, 2018

"I found the course very interesting and feel I will be able to use the skills I have been taught in practical situations at my workplace. Sam was the best educator I have seen in over 18 years in my field. She kept me interested in the content and I felt I could ask questions at any time throughout the 2 days. After the first day of training I was actually looking forward to the next one."

Older Person MHFA, June, 2018

"Well worth doing, I feel I am more educated and confident. If the need arises I feel I would be able to ask some one if they're having suicidal thoughts, and have the language/statements to approach the issue with confidence and to point them in a direction to get some assistance."

MHFA for the Suicidal Person, June, 2018

"I really enjoyed this course, I've never come across anything like it before and the content really catered towards our line of work, it makes me feel confident knowing when I come across people having any issues with their mental wellbeing I have a type of protocol to follow."

Older Person MHFA participant, February, 2018

"Sam was one of the best facilitators I've had the pleasure to see. She was highly engaging, using humor appropriately but also a highly respectful and professional tone. She was confident and informed and obviously very knowledgeable."

MHFA participant, November 2017

"I found Sam to be very connected and passionate regarding the course content whilst incorporating everyone to participate where it was comfortable for each individual at their level. The best training I've had for eons, most trainers read from the manuals or slides. I was encouraged to attend from one of my staff members who really enjoyed the course and now I encourage my other team members to register when the course is available to have a more holistic view into mental health."

MHFA participant, November 2017

"The course was relevant, interesting and very well executed. Thank you. Very pleased I was able to attend and I found the material we covered very relevant to assist colleagues, family and friends with mental illness."

MHFA participant, September 2017

"Sam was an excellent instructor with enthusiasm and a cheerful and fun attitude. It was an excellent course with relevant topics and a very good interactive environment."

MHFA participant, September 2017

“Great presenter, good variation in activities, powerpoints, videos. Really, really good – informative and useful. Thank you!”

The Neuroscience of Engagement, August 2017

"Engaging, informative, useful. Sam was a strength, and the practical working out of ideas into action."

The Neuroscience of Engagement, August 2017

"Awesome. Everyone needs to do this session."

Brain Safety: Using Neuroscience to Build Resilience, June 2017

"Well organised content unfolds in a logical way - good balance of science/fact and behaviour/intuitive stuff. Very positive - would highly recommend others (work and friends and family) to consider the importance of these concepts...of great benefit."

Brain Safety: Using Neuroscience to Build Resilience, June 2017

"Some really good ideas personally and for use with others in the workplace."

Creating Positive Workplaces, June 2017

"Very well presented and explained. Well done. Thank you!"

Creating Positive Workplaces, June 2017

"Lots of fun! Really well presented! Loved it! Thank you!"

Brain Safety: Using Neuroscience to Build Resilience, June 2017

"Very positive. Felt like I learned a lot from this session, helped me to understand why I react the way I do when I do."

Brain Safety: Using Neuroscience to Build Resilience, June 2017

"The role play demo gave some useful phrases and ways of handling emotional staff. Really helpful."

Managing Workplace Conflict, April 2017

"Absolutely awesome. Gave me real guidance and steps to use."

Managing Workplace Conflict, April 2017

"Excellent workshop. Great presentation by Sam with very valuable content. Liked the group activities - gained a better understanding of others."

The Neuroscience of Engagement, March 2017

"Excellent workshop - easy concepts, relevant to transfer to the workplace. Group activities were all excellent - we got mixed up which is important and brainstormed together. Great input from all attendees."

The Neuroscience of Engagement, March 2017

"Fantastic! Great balance of theory and practice. Very well presented to a sometimes not-so-easy audience.

MHFA participant, February 2017

"I thought Sam was fantastic, she has a world of knowledge and was very engaging. She definitely made the course that much more enjoyable."

MHFA participant, January 2017

"Instructor had an excellent rapport with audience displaying an excellent presentation presence, being able to address any inquiries or questions raised professionally and to the point. Very impressed."

MHFA participant, Oct 2016

"Sam is an excellent trainer, and her expert knowledge in the field of mental health only adds to her effectiveness as trainer. So often people are either an expert OR a good teacher. Sam is both. Sam effectively models how one normalises mental illness, shows awareness of the language around it, and getting it talked about 'normally'."

MHFA participant, Oct 2016

"The course was thoroughly enjoyable and invaluable! Wonderful enthusiasm displayed by Sam. Her content knowledge and ability to ensure the participants understood the topic was exceptional."

MHFA participant, Aug 2016

"Real world case studies were excellent. Role-play was also great learning material. Great course."

Workplace Conversations, July 2016

"Great session - fun but informative!"

Creating Positive Workplaces, June 2016

"Very engaging and personable. [The facilitator] had extensive experience in this field and this was evident throughout the course. Created a warm and inviting place to learn and interact. Excellent in all aspects."

MHFA participant, June 2016

"Interactive, informative, well-prepared. A really great session."

Managing Trauma Exposure Response, June 2016

"The course was easy to understand, with great information. I knew a little about mental health going in but I learnt so much."

MHFA participant, June 2016

"I only have positive feedback for the instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It gave me more insight into the different sides of mental health disorders and problems associated with them and how to approach it. The instructor made it fun and engaging, she encouraged us to participate, made us feel comfortable to ask questions and to offer our opinions."

MHFA participant, May 2016

"I highly recommend this course to everyone, I found it to be so beneficial. Our instructor Sam and the information provided being so easy to understand are most definitely the strengths of the course."

MHFA participant, April 2016

"Thank you Sam for being one of the best instructors of any course I have ever completed, I have taken away a much better understanding of Mental Health and in particular Mental Health First Aid because of your expertise in the subject, your pleasant, friendly and approachable manner."

MHFA participant, April 2016

"The course was highly informative, well delivered and relevant. I would highly recommend this course for anyone, especially supervisors."

MHFA participant, February 2016

"10/10. In the past sessions that just feel like psychology lectures are of no help whatsoever. This one wasn't one of them! It was very useful!"

Brain Safety: Using Neuroscience to Build Resilience, Dec 2015

"Loved it. Literally the only training session where I looked forward to the activities and I didn't want to duck to the bathroom even though I needed to because I didn't want to miss anything!"

Brain Safety: Using Neuroscience to Build Resilience, Nov 2015

"Depth of experience came through in the presentation. Really had confidence that you knew what you were talking about and the struggles we face in our roles. Thank you!"

Changing Minds: The Neuroscience of Change Management, Nov 2015

"Sam was very informative, a great sense of humour and very knowledgeable. She got everybody engaged without embarrassing anyone".

MHFA participant, Sept 2015

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Sam was the best course facilitator I have experienced."

MHFA participant, July 2015