Mental Health Essentials

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Mental health training…it’s essential

Regardless of your industry, mental health continues to be an important topic both in the workplace and beyond. Whether it’s supervisors knowing what to say and how best to support an employee who is experiencing mental illness, or working with distressed clients or customers, we can provide relevant and practical mental health seminars, workshops and training that suits your workplace.
At Head Strong, we draw on extensive experience as mental health practitioners to deliver short courses that focus on increasing mental health literacy and the development of skills to support someone who may be experiencing mental health difficulties. We also offer the longer (2-day) Mental Health First Aid course which gives participants the opportunity to achieve accreditation as Mental Health First Aiders.
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Introduction to Mental Health

This practical and interactive half-day workshop introduces staff to common mental health conditions and assists them to develop the skills to support each other in the workplace. Participants will learn about the early warning signs of different mental health problems; how to approach a person in a supportive and appropriate way to talk about their wellbeing; and options for how the person can access assistance.

Self-Care: Managing Trauma Exposure Response

Many professions are exposed to the difficult and traumatic experiences of other people, either verbally or through reading accounts of what has occurred. It can be easy to underestimate how, over time, this can impact on your sense of safety and wellbeing in the world. This half-day workshop explores the concept of trauma exposure response, and provides some practical strategies for how you can look after yourself when doing this work.

Substance Abuse & the Workplace

This half-day workshop provides an overview of substance abuse in Australia, and assists participants to identify the early warning signs of a substance abuse problem in the workplace. Best practice recommendations for workplace drug and alcohol interventions will also be discussed. This is an interactive workshop that utilises relevant case studies to assist participants to apply learning to their context.

Mental Health for Managers

We have a half-day workshop specifically focussed on what team leaders and managers need to know about mental health in the workplace in our ‘Mind Leaders’ series. Click here for further info.

Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person

We offer a the 4-hour Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person as part of our Mental Health First Aid courses.  You can get further information about the full range of our Mental Health First Aid programs from our Mental Health First Aid course page.

"PSA Consulting (Australia) engaged Sam Sellwood from Head Strong Training to provide Mental Health Awareness training to our Leadership Team. The training session was exceptional. The content was focussed on typical mental health issues facing the workforces. Sam's presentation and delivery was very professional and made learning easy for all attendees. Each of our Directors and Associates commented after the training on the value of the training and how they now felt better equipped to meet the challenges and support needs of our workforce."

Malcolm Griffin, Managing Director, PSA Consulting (Australia), Mental Health for Managers, Nov 2016

"Interactive, informative, well-prepared. A really great session."

Managing Trauma Exposure Response, June 2016

"Interactive and informative course. Very practical."

Substance Abuse & the Workplace, July 2015