Older Person Mental Health First Aid

Supporting Senior Australians to Live Full & Healthy Lives

Mental health problems are frequently under-diagnosed and under-treated in older people, often misattributed to ageing or poor physical health.  The 12-hour Older Person Mental Health First Aid course (OMHFA) is based on Mental Health First Aid International’s Guidelines for Assisting the Confused Older Person and is highly beneficial for home care support workers, anybody caring for an older person in the community or anybody supporting aged care mental health. During the course, participants learn about:
+ The signs and symptoms of the common mental health problems in older people;
+ How to offer initial help;
+ Where to get professional help;
+ What sort of help has been shown by research to be effective; and
+ How to provide aid in a crisis situation.
The OMHFA consists of four 3-hour modules. The modules may be delivered over two consecutive days, or spread over two or four weeks to allow for more flexible scheduling in your workplace.  Participants also receive the invaluable 180-page Older Person Mental Health First Aid manual.
If you’re involved in aged care mental health support, contact us to enquire about in-house delivery of the Older Person Mental Health First Aid course in your workplace.
"I found the course very interesting and feel I will be able to use the skills I have been taught in practical situations at my workplace. Sam was the best educator I have seen in over 18 years in my field. She kept me interested in the content and I felt I could ask questions at any time throughout the 2 days. After the first day of training I was actually looking forward to the next one."

Older Person MHFA participant, June 2018

"I really enjoyed this course, I've never come across anything like it before and the content really catered towards our line of work, it makes me feel confident knowing when I come across people having any issues with their mental wellbeing I have a type of protocol to follow."

Older Person MHFA participant, February 2018

"It brought up so many issues regarding older persons mental health that I see in their homes every day. It has given me the confidence to recognise signs of depression and to assist the client to communicate their issues to me."

Older Person MHFA participant, February 2018

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