Mental Health at Work

Mental Health Literacy

Mental health at work and mental illness continues to be an important topic in the workplace. Whether it’s helping your staff to maintain good mental health at work; supporting a worker who may be struggling with mental health problems; or interacting with clients or customers who may be upset or agitated, Head Strong Workplaces can assist you to increase your awareness of mental health issues, and provide you with practical strategies drawn from our years of experience as mental health training clinicians.

We deliver a number of the highly acclaimed Mental Health First Aid courses developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia. We consistently get great feedback about these courses that equip participants with skills that can be applied both in the workplace and beyond.

In addition to the well-regarded 2-day Mental Health First Aid course, we offer short courses in our Mental Health Essentials series that focus on specific topics or needs, such as mental health for managers, substance abuse or trauma exposure response. We can also provide tailored courses if there is a particular mental health topic or need in your workplace.

We also offer workplace peer support programs, coordinated mental health training programs that can assist the development of a supportive and healthy attitude within teams and embed a genuine focus on employee mental health and wellbeing in your workplace. If you are an employer who is keen to provide proactive support for your team to develop positive mental health at work, Head Strong Workplaces can help.

Enabling a positive, caring supportive environment for your team is likely to have long-lasting beneficial effects throughout your organisation,

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