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Practical People Skills for Leaders

Our ‘Mind Leaders’ series of leadership training workshops for team leaders and managers brings together neuroscience, psychology and employment law to provide participants with practical strategies for engaging and managing people.
Mind Leaders workshops can be delivered as a professional development package with the complete series of seven workshops delivered over a six to 12-month period, which allows for deep consolidation of learning. Alternatively, each workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone product that targets a specific learning need. Click the button below to find out more about the program, or to get a quote for the delivery of a Mind Leaders workshop in your workplace.

MIND LEADERS 1: The Neuroscience of Engagement

A full-day leadership training workshop exploring the brain science behind employee engagement and how this can be applied to build strong work teams and a positive workplace culture.

MIND LEADERS 2: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

This half-day workshop focuses on understanding your own and others’ emotions and using emotions to improve personal effectiveness and team performance.

MIND LEADERS 3: Reasonable Management Action

An in-depth look at the principle of ‘reasonable management action’ using recent case rulings to practically demonstrate how this applies to people management. This is a half-day workshop.

MIND LEADERS 4: Workplace Conversations

Workplace conversations are an opportunity to provide ongoing feedback about performance, including situations in which ‘concerning behaviours’ have been identified and need to be explored. Half-day workshop.

MIND LEADERS 5: Mental Health for Managers

An overview of stress and mental health in the workplace including strategies for promoting a ‘mentally healthy’ work environment and supporting staff who are experiencing stress or mental illness. Half-day workshop.

MIND LEADERS 6: Managing Workplace Conflict

This half-day workshop provides practical strategies for managing issues of conflict in the work environment.

MIND LEADERS 7: Managing Underperformance

Half-day workshop that assists participants to proactively manage underperformance, including addressing code of conduct breaches, utilising ‘people-focussed’ management skills.

"Great presenter, good variation in activities, powerpoints, videos. Really, really good - informative and useful. Thank you!"

The Neuroscience of Engagement, August 2017

"The role play demo gave some useful phrases and ways of handling emotional staff. Really helpful."

Managing Workplace Conflict, April 2017

"Absolutely awesome. Gave me real guidance and steps to use."

Managing Workplace Conflict, April 2017

"Excellent workshop. Great presentation by Sam with very valuable content. Liked the group activities - gained a better understanding of others."

The Neuroscience of Engagement, March 2017

"Real world case studies were excellent. Role-play was also great learning material. Great course."

Workplace Conversations, July 2016

"Depth of experience came through in the presentation. Really had confidence that you knew what you were talking about and the struggles we face in our roles. Thank you!"

Changing Minds: The Neuroscience of Change Management, Nov 2015

"One of the best training sessions I have attended - a most interesting perspective on change."

Changing Minds: The Neuroscience of Change Management, Nov 2015