Leadership Assessment

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Know Your Strengths…And Where You Can Grow

A key component of interpersonal effectiveness as a leader (often referred to as ’emotional intelligence’) is self-awareness. Knowing your own strengths and how to use them, as well as what pushes your buttons, is critical to your ability to manage your own performance and wellbeing in the workplace, and role model appropriate behaviour for your staff. Leadership evaluation tools can be a great help in understanding how to get the best out of the people you work with.
Head Strong Workplaces can help you to gain further insight into your leadership style and behaviour in the workplace with the use of leadership evaluation and profile tools such as the DiSC ™ and the EQ-i ™.  These types of assessments are a great way to step back and consider what works for you, and perhaps what doesn’t, in your approach to leadership.  They can be utilised as the foundation for individual coaching, as well as within group environments to build awareness of team styles.