How To Build A Great Team And Increase Trust In The Workplace

how to build a great team | Head Strong WorkplaceDid you see the latest release of the ‘Best Small and Medium WorkPlaces In Asia‘, recently published by the research institute Great Place To Work®? It’s great to see so many Australian businesses featuring on the list but even more interesting is to find out what makes them such great places to work. The secret it seems is trust. What all these successful companies have in common is that they know how to build a great team and they have trust embedded in their company culture.

So how do you build trust into the team culture in your workplace? Well, first we need to break this question down into a few key parts. What is the culture of a team or organisation? And what does trust look like to the different members of the team?

How To Build A Great Team With Trust Embedded In The Culture

As we discussed in our last blog post about leadership, essentially the culture of an organisation is the values, beliefs and behaviours displayed within a team. And when talking about how to build a great team I think it’s important to see both sides of the trust equation: team members trust in managers and managers trust in their team.

“A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with.” — Robert Levering, Co-Founder, Great Place to Work®

As the quote above highlights, from a team members’ perspective, a great workplace is one where they enjoy their work, take pride in what they do and trust the people they work for. For a manager, the key foundations include: achieving the organisational objectives, with team members who try their best working together in an environment of trust.

As a manager and team leader looking at how to build a great team with a strong team culture, I believe there are a few key skills that are fundamental to developing trust. The first is emotional intelligence: the ability to manage your own emotions and the emotions of your team members. Essentially this means being able to put yourself in the shoes of your team member, understand how a situation may affect them and offer meaningful advice and direction based on those thoughts and feelings.

The second is the ability to advocate and take responsibility for the team’s actions. This means that while you may have constructive feedback about their performance, this is given in private. In front of others, you support the team, highlight the positives and not throw them under the bus when things don’t go well.

And the third, and arguably the most important, is the ability to listen. In business (as in life) when someone feels they are being listened to and their views heard and acted upon, they are much more likely to confide and share information willingly and openly.

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