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Samantha Sellwood | Mental Health Training | Head Strong Workplaces

Head Strong Workplaces was founded by Sam Sellwood, a registered psychologist with significant experience assisting adults experiencing a wide range of mental health and personal difficulties. She has previously worked in government and non-government roles in employment services, corrections and police, and has a particular interest in people-focussed leadership, mental health training and workplace peer support programs.

As a mental health clinician, consultant and facilitator, Sam incorporates the latest research from the area of health neuroscience: an emerging field concerned with the interplay between the brain and physical and mental health. Using accessible language, Sam's goal in mental health training sessions is to increase participants' understanding of how stress, emotion and social factors influence our brain, body and sense of wellbeing.

Sam's style brings together her depth of mental health knowledge and her ability to engage and have fun with her audience. She is passionate about providing workplace programs that are practical and improve he mental health and wellbeing of individuals and workplaces. Sam has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree and a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, and she is currently completing a Master of Business Psychology. She is a Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a member of both the Australian HR Institute and the Australian Institute of Training & Development, and an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Sam is based in Brisbane but happily travels interstate to deliver programs. She has two poodles and a tortoiseshell cat and will show you photos of them if you ask. And sometimes even if you don't (hint: scroll down).